Wine Bottle Paint Party


Wine Bottle Paint Party

July 18, 2020, 2 P.M. and 4 P.M.

Join us to paint these lovely ocean-themed bottles with Connie Brown. We have set two sessions, one at 2 and another at 4. We are still being compliant with social distancing, so each session is limited t0 6 people, so be sure to reserve your spots now! $25 includes instruction and all supplies, including the bottle lights. Come paint a bottle and raise a glass! Cheers!

2 P.M. Time Slot

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4 P.M. Time Slot

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March Art Night!

March Art Night!

Night Walks
March 27th, 6:30-9:30 P.M., at Warm Springs Cellars

Join us for our next Sip & Paint night and paint Night Walks. You can paint the couple kissing under the lights or just a woman or man walking with an umbrella. You can PM or email me your preferences. Class is $40 and includes supplies and instruction. Space is limited, so be sure to purchase your tickets. Cheers!

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Mardi Gras Carnival!

Mardi Gras Carnival!

MardiGras2020Join us for our Mardi Gras Carnival Celebration, Feb. 22nd, 7-10 P.M., featuring music by The Breeze Kings and a spread of New Orlean’s themed food. Tickets are $40 and include entry, music, food, and one Voodoo drink. Buy your tickets now and enjoy a night of music, food, dancing, and pure revelry. Remember, tickets are limited. To help us prepare for food needs, please purchase your tickets by 2/18. Joie de vivre!

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Roaring 20’s Celebration

Roaring 20’s Celebration

GatsbyPartyCelebrate the 20’s in style. Wear your best 20’s dress, dance to 20s music by the Perdido Duo, and enjoy 20s themed food and drink.

You must purchase a ticket and bring your password to enter. Each ticket includes a fully catered 1920’s buffet, one drink, and an evening of music and dancing.

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Poppies in the Rain


Poppies in the Rain,
23 Nov. 2019, 10 A.M.-1 P.M.

This November, we are painting “Poppies in the Rain” in honor of Veteran’s Day. 10% of each sign-up will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

During WWI, brigade surgeon Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was struck by the red poppies growing out of a desolate earth during a bleak and harsh war and wrote the poem “In Flanders Fields.” McCrae’s image of red poppy made the poppy a symbol of the blood shed during battle.

We will paint the red poppies in remembrance of those who gave their lives for our freedom and in honor of those who continue to dedicate their lives to protect that freedom.

Brunch items, coffee, tea, and mimosas will be available as you paint.

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Wine & Design March 2019

“Window to Spring”

IMG_4239.jpgWhat better way to welcome Spring than to throw open our windows! The lupines are in honor of my Grandad, who gave me lupine seeds from his garden to add to mine. While the seeds didn’t grow, I will honor him in this painting. The lupine, meaning “of the wolf,” is a flower that symbolizes imagination, happiness, healing, and protection, perhaps because the lupine was believed to both choke out weeds and help the soil. As we enter this Spring, throw your window open to new beginnings and enjoy the beauty of new life!

Class includes 11×14 canvas, supplies, instruction, and fun! 1 complimentary mimosa per guest.

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February Art Night

February Art Night: February 15th, 2019
La Ville d’Amore

Due to the overwhelming requests, we will be painting Paris this February. Join us to paint “La Ville D’Amore,” or “City of Love,” on Feb. 15th, 6:30-9:30 P.M. Remember, class space is limited, so reserve your spot now.

Also, I’ve had requests to adapt the painting, so if you want to paint just a woman holding a red umbrella rather than the couple, send me that message as you check out!

Looking forward to our next Wine & Design night! Cheers!

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Carnival! Mardi Gras Masquerade!

Carnival! Mardi Gras Masquerade!

Join us for Carnival! Mardi Gras Masquerade on March 2nd, 2019, 7-10 P.M., featuring music by the The Mar-Tans and New Orleans cuisine by Orleans Brews & Beignets. Tickets are limited. Buy your tickets now and receive your secret password to enter just before the event. Enjoy a night of music, food, dancing, and pure revelry! Joie de vivre!
The Menu:
Crab Cake appetizer
Bourbon Chicken
Country Cornbread Squares
Cajun Roasted Mixed veggies
Mardi Gras Rice
King Cake
A Complementary Glass of Voodoo Wine
Great Fun!
* A selection of GA wines and craft beer will also be available for purchase throughout the night!

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Jan. 2019 Art Night: Winter Sentinel

Jan. 18th, 7-9:30 P.M.: “Winter Sentinel”

Wine and Design is back at the Cellars! Join us at Warm Springs Cellars on Jan. 18th, 7-9:30, to paint “Winter Sentinel.” Cost $40.

Just as Winter and the New Year, represents a time of transition and new beginnings, the word “cardinal,” which comes from the Latin word cardo, meaning “hinge” or “axis,” represents doors. The cardinal is viewed as the “hinge on the doorway,” bearing messages back and forth between Earth and Spirit.

Other myths surrounding cardinals come from how they live their lives. Cardinals mate for life and are non-migratory birds; they live their lives in their immediate area, protecting their home and family. When a cardinal couple gives birth, both parents work together to assure the health, welfare, and security of their family. Therefore, the cardinal also represents renewal, good health, happy relationships, monogamy, and protection. They are both messengers and reminders of what is important in our lives so the perfect painting to begin our New Year!