Our Team

The Beginning …

I fell in love with Warm Springs after moving close to the area in 2002. My daughter and I would hike the trails of Roosevelt State Park and enjoy an ice-cream at the historic Hotel Warm Springs. Every time we’d drive by the building that is now Warm Springs Cellars, with its courtyard and beautiful stained glass windows, I envisioned it becoming what it is today and am grateful every day to have taken on this venture and to all of the people who have become like family along the way!

Our Philosophy …

On one of our research days to find and carry the best Georgia wines, we recognized the rare and true gift of women helping other women achieve their goals and fueling each other’s creativity. Together, we came up with “Individually Together and Creativity for a Cause,” or I.T.A.C., to represent what we were doing.  This supporting of each other’s “individuality and creativity for a cause,” is the best business model one can follow, and I am proud to claim it as the model of Warm Springs Cellars. Together, we support each other’s individual talents and have built the best wine tasting team.

Our Team …

Sonya Adams, Owner

WSC-Sonya1.pngI grew up around my grandparents and second cousins making wine, but I moved when I was young, so I was an observer rather than a participant. I did, however, harbor a love of the old wheelbarrow under my grandfather’s grape arbor and enjoyed my grandparent’s stories, so when the path to wine found me, it felt as though I had rediscovered home. I enjoyed tasting local wines wherever I traveled and hearing the stories behind the wine. Each wine and destination had its own story and flavor, and I was a captive audience. About two years ago, I began to dabble in both wine and art, which led to this newest destination in my wine journey. While no journey is without its many bends in the road, I chose to follow my passion and open Warm Springs Cellars, a tasting room in historic downtown Warm Springs, GA. I spent many days hiking around Roosevelt park or kayaking at Calloway Gardens and ended those journeys visiting the shops of Warm Springs. I fell in love with the town’s charm and the welcoming people and am now able to do what I most enjoy in a place that is dear to me and support other winemakers and artists in the process. 

Dawn Poague, “Dawn-on-you” Creative Consultant


You can take the girl out of Alabama, but you can’t take the Alabama out of the girl. Although I’ve never sipped wine in Italy, I sure do love to chat with people who have! That’s what I love about wine. It is the universal language  that brings people and memories together.  Eating scuppernongs, muscadines,  wild blackberries and peaches were some of my favorite childhood memories.  As an adult it fascinates me to learn about how different fruits and many other fragrances and tastes can be captured in a bottle of wine. It intrigues me even more to pop open a bottle of wine and have these  fragrances and tastes be released as memories that might have been lost and filled with new memories of friendships gained.