About Us


Warm Springs Cellars offers a taste of Georgia’s finest in historic Warm Springs, GA. We carry Georgia made products – from wine to coffees to teas … and more. Our goal is to highlight the talent of many of Georgia’s small wineries and businesses and provide an array of Georgia’s regional flavors in one location.

Every region has a story, and that story is often translated into the wines, foods, and gifts of that area. Likewise, each of our products offers a story of the land and the hands that went into its making. The mission of Warm Springs Cellars is to offer their customers a taste of this story.

At Warm Springs Cellars, you embark on a journey through the varied flavors of Georgia, from dry to sweet wines, light to stout craft beers, coffees to teas, which are all complemented by savory bread, cracker, and cheese plates; a variety of chocolates; tangy barbecue sauces and rubs; and spicy pickles. This dance of tart, sweet, smooth, tangy, and spicy communicates the story of Georgia, a story of strength, pride, a little sass – and just plain ‘ole fun. And you will enjoy these flavors in a historic building where every item likewise possesses its own tale.

Come and enjoy – and stay a while!