Jan. 2019 Art Night: Winter Sentinel

Jan. 18th, 7-9:30 P.M.: “Winter Sentinel”

Wine and Design is back at the Cellars! Join us at Warm Springs Cellars on Jan. 18th, 7-9:30, to paint “Winter Sentinel.” Cost $40.

Just as Winter and the New Year, represents a time of transition and new beginnings, the word “cardinal,” which comes from the Latin word cardo, meaning “hinge” or “axis,” represents doors. The cardinal is viewed as the “hinge on the doorway,” bearing messages back and forth between Earth and Spirit.

Other myths surrounding cardinals come from how they live their lives. Cardinals mate for life and are non-migratory birds; they live their lives in their immediate area, protecting their home and family. When a cardinal couple gives birth, both parents work together to assure the health, welfare, and security of their family. Therefore, the cardinal also represents renewal, good health, happy relationships, monogamy, and protection. They are both messengers and reminders of what is important in our lives so the perfect painting to begin our New Year!