Joseph Milford, Author Event

MilfordJoseph Milford, Author Event

May 19th, 2-5 P.M.

Warm Springs Cellars is excited to host Joseph Milford, poetry professor and Georgia author. Join us as he reads from his latest volume of poetry, ‘Tattered Scrolls and Postulates.’

‘Tattered Scrolls and Postulates’ is an epic poem that takes place in Moreland, Georgia and is full of southern flair and fable. The volume consists of 100 10-lined stanzas, made up of lines which are, each-unto-themselves, one-line short stories.

Come out and enjoy a day of stories, music, and wine!

About the author:
Joseph Milford published his first collection of poems, Cracked Altimeter, in 2010. He is also the host of The Joe Milford Poetry Show, where he has compiled an archive of over 300 interviews and readings with American and Canadian poets. Joe Milford also edits the poetry journal RASPUTIN and is co-founder and poetry editor of BACKLASH PRESS.